Create your App : make it easy with Xamarin and eCommunity

A rapid mobile application development platform

Build native cross-platform app with Xamarin and eCommunity

eCommunity is a mobile development platform that leverages the power of Xamarin
and brings "Citizen Developers" back at the table

our user interfaces are designed so developers can quickly design core business features and operational users can easily build and deploy full featured native mobile apps.


Microsoft tweet about eCommunity :

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e-Community is a Rapid Mobile Application Development platform designed as a set of building blocks. It allows you to create high quality, fully customized native application

These blocks have different levels of technology according to bespoke mobile projet. Each block is bespoke and can be used according to your mobile project and the members profiles of your team.

A set of building blocks

e-Community AppWizard

Profile: user

- Get your own mobile app within minutes (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

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TouRFID Block

Profile : functional administrator

- Allows contactless exchanges of information between Smartphones and tags
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Profile : functional administrator

- Allows data collection via forms

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Aggregator Block

Profile : technical administrator

- Publish your existing data to applications
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Push Block

Profile : technical administrator

- Inform your app users about your current news
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Mobile Block

Profile : developer

- Ensure that native applications meet the requirements of Smartphones and tablets.
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Why choose eCommunity ?

Discover all the advantages of our rapid mobile development platform
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App management

A modular and cloud-based system

No technical skills are required to use our backoffice.

Our solution is provided as Saas on Microsoft Azure.

Building blocks : use what you need !

eCommunity is fully customizable so that the administrator can choose in each block which features he needs for his native app.

Notification is not required, no need to use the eCommunity Push Block.

Learn what you need to know to make your apps successfull

The e-Community training video is designed to help you learn how to use the e-Community building blocks

Our goal : make your mobile project a success

We are by your side at all stages of your project. The e-Community team offers you advice and support at all times every step of the year.