"AppWizard in an amazing tool which offers you to get your own app - iOS, Android, Windows phone - in minutes"

Antoine Becker - technical director



'e-Community Appwizard' is focused on not technical users as citizen developers.
It allows you to realize your mobile applications very easily, through an application available on Windows Store shortly.
To sum up, a not technical user is able to build a mobile application and have a preview of the result. The user manages his application once for all device – iOS, Android, Windows phone : choice of the design, colors, implementation of services, edition of contents by thematic index card… To guarantee the respect of the mobile users we have developed a solution that ensured a full native User Experience on each platform : Android, iOS, Windows phone.
From a technical perspective, e-Community is hosted in Microsoft AZURE. This cloud-infrastructure is secure and fully scalable to support a growing number of users.


Who can use it ?

With Appwizard the functional administrator (marketing, communication, event manager ...) will be able to create customs collections of mobile applications via an assistant specially planned for that (design, structure of the mobile application, connectors, content manager...).

The will build their own app in autonomy without having to interact with the technical teams.