eCommunity a rapid mobile application development platform

Citizen developers, is e-Community for you ?

Gartner, defines a Citizen Developer as, “a user who creates new business applications for consumption by other, using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT”.

You are a not real developer ? No problem, you will easily be able to launch your application !

The number of business mobile applications are going to grow and most of them will be realized through Rapid Mobile Application Development Platform (RMAD).
In fact, according to Gartner, 25% of business applications will be built by citizen developers this year.

7 reasons to choose the e-Community RMAD Platform

1. Empower your teams

Have you ever thought of launching a native mobile application for your business without using your team of developers ? With e-Community, it is possible.
Your IT analysts or business analysts will be able to create applications and if specific features need to be included it remains possible to team with your developers.

•    Hiring new developers or external consultants for your mobile project is expensive. Save money with the RMAD platform !
•    Help you team to better manage their project and give them a chance to develop knowledge, skills and attributes. Save time with the RMAD platform !

2. A cloud-based system

e-Community is provided as an Saas  and with on-premise option.

This system enables you to :
•    Deploy mobile applications faster
•    Save money solving hardware problems

3.    No new software required

e-Community will be fully integrated to your information system without any additional costs !

We are able to cooperate within your existing software platforms and operating systems.

4.    Increase productivity by using mobile applications

Think global!

Within the initial steps of your new business project, do you not forget to think about the lack of productivity when not using mobile applications.
An RMAD platform like e-Community allows you to launch mobile applications for specific needs quickly therefore reducing the mobile opportunity costs.

5.    No heavy training

Make it easy with e-Community !

Our solution is very simple : there is no need for a heavy training.
In fact, the average time for a citizen developer to build a mobile project on eCommunity is less than a week.

6.    A simple integration

A large proportion of the budget for mobile business projects is spent on integration.
Integration difficulties actually often come from the complexity of mobile projects to integrate other backoffice systems (SharePoint, ERPs , SIGs...)
eCommunity ensures ease of use and compatibility with your existing system.
7.    A lifetime process

The development of your own native and cross-platform applications on eCommunity is based on a step by step process.
Our rapid mobile application platform is designed to work without any additional software during the complete lifecycle of your applications.

In summary

Invest in the e-Community rapid mobile application development platform. It is a good way to reduce development costs of your future business mobile application and reach new objectives.